Scandinavian Waste Consultancy ApS

Throughout its history, Scandinavian Waste Consultancy ApS has grown into a regional leader in the fields of waste management and environment protection. SWC is a highly-experienced company capable of significantly improving your business results. Being engaged in strategic engineering and consulting aimed at ensuring proper disposal of various types of waste, we are able to offer you the best possible advisory support in the domain. A proper management of waste and its safe disposal, in accordance with the highest world standards, can boost your profits considerably. Aside from increasing your revenues, an adequate waste management contributes to the preservation of environment within and beyond the area covered by your business activities. This is a very important characteristic of quality operations of every successful company, since preserving clean air and keeping water and land unpolluted are among the top-priority obligations of each business worldwide.

Strong Business Network and Ubiquity Contribute to the Speed and Accuracy of Our Actions

SWC currently works mainly with companies in Europe, most of which are based in Greece, Austria, Germany, France, Denmark, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. The consulting services rendered to our clients are aimed at ensuring a proper management of their waste and the preservation of environment. Representatives of our company are present in every local area, thus providing the best logistic support to each client of ours. We have a very strong business network spanning across the whole of Europe and strive to expand our business to other parts of the world as well. SWC operates as part of the world’s largest systems engaged in the management of hazardous and other waste. That makes it possible for you to collaborate with us, regardless of where in the world your company is situated.
What makes SWC a credible partner in the management of various types of hazardous waste is the fact that it provides fast and reliable service to every client. At certain moments, the speed at which different problems are resolved can be crucial for the continuity of your operations and the avoidance of risky steps that may cause you extreme difficulties.

Global Availability and Mobility

Our headquarters is in Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark. In addition to a high level of competence, which is best seen in the quality of services rendered to our clients, we also demonstrate a high level of mobility. Regardless of the location of the company’s headquarters, we travel over 100 days a year, reaching all parts of the world, to fulfill our business obligations to clients. It will be our great pleasure to visit your company as well and get familiar with your previous way of doing business and managing waste. Based on detailed observations and necessary analyses that we perform on site, you will learn how and to what extent your profits and business efficiency can be boosted in the future.