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Connection with various waste recovery & disposal facilities

Services in our portfolio, such as hazardous waste management consulting, are mainly provided to large and medium-sized enterprises. However, every job, regardless of its size and scope, makes us eager to deliver the right assistance to each client. When providing guidance, we offer our clients the most suitable and cost- efficient solutions that best fit their specific needs. Our experience in the industry has enabled us to establish a very strong and solid cooperation with various waste recovery & disposal facilities in Europe.

Acting locally

SWC is also focused on cooperation with local authorities in your respective areas.

The presence of our expert representatives in local areas allows us to maintain close relations with local authorities, which is essential for the provision of stable logistic support that is of extreme importance for a continuous performance of your business activities.

Analysis and measurement

Every job, regardless of its scope, is done with the greatest care for detail. We are able to find an efficient and optimized solution to the specific waste streams you might have.

We can deal with a broad range of waste, including:
Packaging, absorbents, paints, oil filters, pharmaceutical waste, batteries, acids, solvents, PCB, asbestos, medicines, ink, cosmetics, detergents, brake fluid and many more, whether organic or inorganic, liquid or solid.

Waste transportation

Aside from assistance in the recovery and disposal of various types of waste, we also offer guidance on its transport. We are capable of planning and managing transboundary movements of hazardous waste as we are part of a large global network. All our business activities are performed in association with the world’s largest companies in the field.

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